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Family Estate Planning for the Modern Family

Estate Planning for the Modern Family

The typical American family is no longer a mom, a dad, and 2.5 kids living in a suburban home with a white picket fence. Families are more blended and diverse than ever. Cohabitation is on the rise, more adults are delaying or forgoing marriage altogether, a growing share of children are living with an unmarried parent, and same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states.  Blended families, consisting of a mom and a dad, each with children from prior marriages, are more and more common.

That’s why, at Dublin Packard, we are dedicated to bringing customized, experienced, and accessible legal help to modern New Jersey families. No matter what your family looks like – we are confident we can help yours!

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  • Always Work Directly with an Attorney

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Why Every Blended Family Needs an Estate Plan

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