5 Times When You Need To Update Your Estate Plan

Estate Planning is the process of working with an attorney to create a legally-binding plan for what will happen to your belongings and property (known as your estate) and your remaining money (known as your assets) after you pass away. If you don’t create an Estate Plan, these decisions are made by a Judge in probate court, not by your family or loved ones. Estate Planning encompasses a lot of different methods, Read More

Wills vs. Trusts: What’s the Difference?

When most people think of Estate Planning, they think of a Will. Whether it’s written on a napkin, on a file on your laptop, or hastily told to someone you love when you get sick, a Will is the full extent that most people will think through their Estate Plan. However, these hand-written Wills often don’t hold up in court - and Wills are just one method of creating an Estate Plan. Estate Planning is the process of Read More

Estate Planning is Easier Than You Think

Most people know they need to make time for Estate Planning, but keep pushing it to the back of their To Do list. Especially if you have never done it before, Estate Planning can feel intimidating. Working with an attorney is something people normally only do if they’re in trouble, and seeking one out feels like a lot of work. Here’s the secret: Estate Planning is a lot easier than you think. Estate Planning is the Read More

How To Pick the Best Guardian For Your Children in New Jersey

One of the most important and often overlooked elements of a strong Estate Plan is guardianship. Estate Planning is the process of working with an attorney to create a legally binding program for what will happen to your property and belongings (known as your estate) and your money (known as your assets) after you pass away. The standard entry point to Estate Planning is writing a Will, but there is much more to the Read More

How To Leave Your Beach House To Your Loved Ones

Beach houses, vacation homes, and family cabins are all beloved parts of family tradition. Parents raise their children going to the same place every summer, even when some of them were raised going there themselves too. When we talk about Estate Planning, however, a beach house presents unique difficulties that a regular home does not. Will your children be able to keep the vacation spot to take their children there Read More

Cost to File Bankruptcy in New Jersey

Our Fees Are Affordable AND We Offer Payment Plans Customized To YOUR Budget! How much does it cost to file bankruptcy in New Jersey is a question most people want to know the answer to right away.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New Jersey For most people, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective choice. If you don’t own a home and don’t have too much income, Chapter 7 may be right for you. Read More

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees in New Jersey

Bankruptcy Trustees in New Jersey.  Here is a list of Bankruptcy Trustees in New Jersey for easy reference.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees work on behalf of creditors in a chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  Their job is to make every attempt to pay creditors from any assets a person might have in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees in New Jersey. See Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustees HERE. (Note: The Read More

Fair Foreclosure Act


5 Tips to Choosing the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in NJ

New Jersey Has Many Good Bankruptcy Lawyers.  How do you choose the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer?  Here are 5 tips. Be sure your bankruptcy lawyer practices bankruptcy law primary if not exclusively. Bankruptcy law can be complex with many nuances. A good bankruptcy lawyer might handle 10 or 20 cases each month. Over five years, that can be about 1000 cases. A lawyer who dedicates most or all of his or her practice to Read More

Stop Foreclosure | Basking Ridge NJ

Don’t panic! The foreclosure process takes time, usually as much as a couple of years. New Jersey is a so-called “judicial state” in foreclosure proceeding – the foreclosure must proceed through the court system. Basking Ridge,  NJ offers the following useful facilities: Somerset County Court House 20 North Bridge Street Somerville, NJ 08876-1262 (908)231-7191 Somerset County Sheriff serving Basking Ridge NJ 20 Read More