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At Dublin Packard, it is our mission to help you protect your assets and protect your family. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Below you will find testimonials from families who have worked with us. To speak to us about your situation, contact Dublin Packard today! If you have worked with us before, you can submit a testimonial of your own right here.  

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I was able to save my home from foreclosure after months of trying – 
I was trying for months to get a Loan Modification, but every time the bank told me I didn’t qualify. Then we found Dublin Packard and filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy right before our home was sold at a Sheriff’s Sale. Wow! Were we glad we did. We were able to pay back all our missed payments over the next 60 months and started to pay our mortgage again right away. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy saved our home when a Loan Modification could not.


I had given up hope – 
I desperately tried to get a Loan Modification, but kept being denied. I had been scammed by people who promised that they could help me. I thought that I had run out of options, but then the sheriff sale notice was nailed to my front door, and I decided to make one more call. With Dublin Packard’s help, I was able to stop the sale and save my home.